Tullow Alumni Connect

Connecting to Accelerate Progress

Implemented by Youth Bridge Foundation

Who We Are

The Tullow Alumni Connect (TAC) is a program that seeks to harvest the gains of Tullow investment in education and their connectivity to the world of work. Some beneficiaries have traveled through the basic, junior, senior high school, transitioned to tertiary and some to the world of work. Whilst others are still in school. 

Affiliate Institutions


Virtual Alumni Cafe



Job Opportunities

Meet The Leadership of the Alumni

The Tullow Oil Alumni Connect chapters are local or regional branches of the broader alumni network, each serving as a hub for former students and professionals associated with Tullow Oil in specific geographical areas. These chapters play a crucial role in fostering connections, facilitating collaboration, and providing support to members within their respective communities. By organizing events, workshops, and networking opportunities, the chapters create avenues for continued engagement, professional development, and social interaction among alumni. Additionally, they serve as ambassadors for the Tullow Oil Alumni Connect, promoting its values and initiatives while maintaining a strong sense of community and camaraderie among members.

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